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Top Six Tips on How to Care for Extensions

Lindsey Nelson Hair stylist in Walker Louisiana explains her top tips on how to care for extensions

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During the consultation with my extension clients, this question gets asked, "How do I take care of my new extensions?" I'm going to answer that question and provide my top six tips on how to care for your new extensions.

I want to ease your mind and say that caring for hair extensions is simple and manageable.

With a few adjustments to your regular at-home hair maintenance routine, taking care of your beautiful extensions should be easy and come naturally.

Satin pillowcase or satin bonnet

The best way to sleep while wearing any extensions is by using a satin pillowcase or wearing a satin sleep bonnet.

This pillowcase helps prevent breakage due to its frictionless texture, which means less tangles and frizz in the morning.  

Satin is more gentle on the skin and hair than cotton or other fabrics and even reduces the chance of hair breakage while you sleep.

Another benefit to sleeping on a smooth, soft pillowcase is it may help prevent wrinkles.

Resting on a less absorbent material may promote hydrated skin and cause fewer fabric creases on the face.

Lindsey Nelson, a hair stylist in Louisiana, suggests extension wearers sleep on a stin pillowcase

Kitsch makes my favorite satin pillowcase.

Kitsch is a company that focuses on solving their customer's hair struggles.

From bottle-less hair products to heatless curling sets, Kitsch has something for every woman!

They offer quick shipping, easy returns, and even offer free shipping over $35.

I find their products affordable and trendy!

I feel connected to this company because a woman came up with the original concept, they give back to their community, and how its values align with my own.

Kitsch says, "We want you to feel confident and beautiful no matter what life throws your way."

Use a thermal heat protectant

The high temperatures of the hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron will dry the hair out, hair color may fade more quickly, hair may become brittle, and in worst-case scenarios, the hair may completely break off.

I suggest that all of my extension clients invest in a heat protectant to use every time they use heat tools.

I currently use Kevin Murphy's Heated Defense. I love how this product is a weightless, invisible, leave-in foam that serves as a protective shield against heat damage.

Lindsey Nelson, a hair stylist in Louisiana, suggests all extension weares use heat protection when styling their hair

This product protects the hair up to 450 degrees, and believe me, there's no need to go any higher than that!

Your hair is not a Friday night pizza; there is no need to cook it!

Kevin Murphy has a whole line-up of products, all designed to protect your hair from heat damage.

If you're local, come by my salon, J.Lene' Salon and Spa, where I can customize an at-home hair regime specifically for your hair's needs.

Use salon-quality shampoo and conditioner

The ingredients inside a bottle of shampoo and conditioner are what determine if the product is of good quality or not.

Harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances and dyes can be harmful to your natural hair and your extensions.

Sulfates can be overly harsh and can possibly strip hair color. Parabens can cause a number of health problems, such as scalp irritations and dryness.

When researching a product line to invest in, look for natural and nourishing ingredients that are pH-balanced.

The pH of hair is around 4.5-5.5 on the pH scale, while the scalp lives around 5.5.

In order to maintain optimum health of both our hair and scalp, it's best to use hair products that are pH balanced.

You may find that you will need a different shampoo for your scalp and your hair.

For example, If your scalp tends to be oily and your hair is not, then you should look for a deep cleansing shampoo for your scalp and a balancing shampoo for the lengths of your hair.

Quality hair products can be found in your salon, in a reputable beauty chain, such as Ulta or Sephora, or even on the brand's website itself.

I would not suggest any of my clients buy hair products from Amazon, TJ Maxx, or any retail store where other household items are sold.

Chances are these hair products are diverted, which means they may be expired, contaminated, or simply counterfeit.

You can learn more about the Culture of Counterfeit Cosmetics here.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Our hair tends to be in its most fragile state when it's wet because water swells the hair.

If you sleep on wet hair, mold may start to grow inside the wefts due to moisture, and there is no restoring moldy extension wefts.

The wefts must be thrown away, and you would have to buy new ones.

Lindsey Nelson, a hair stylist in Louisiana, suggests to avoid sleeping on wet hair.

I suggest you use this opportunity to learn what you should do when your hair is wet.

  1. You should gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair with a towel or t-shirt.

  2. You should take your time combing out each section of hair, being mindful of the tops of the wefts.

  3. You should treat your hair with reparative serums, moisturizing sprays, or leave-in treatments.

Hair serums

Hair serums are a must-have hair product for extension wearers.

Serums help strengthen the hair, calm frizz and flyaways and deliver hydration and shine.

I suggest using your hair serum after applying the leave-in conditioner because the serum will help lock in the hydration.

You can use serums on wet or dry hair, and be sure to comb or brush through for even distribution.

Try to avoid applying the serum to your scalp. Focus on the ends and lengths of the hair.

Use soft scrunchies or stretchy hair ties

The use of anything tight to hold your hair back will create too much tension around the beads of the extensions.

I suggest my clients use a soft velvet or silk hair scrunchie from Teleties.

They are made from 100% silk, making them super soft and gentle on the hair.

Teleties makes a number of great damage-free hair accessories, from fashionable hair ties to flat hair clips.

Their classic claw clips are designed to bend and be nearly unbreakable while holding your hair comfortably all day long.

Teleties are completely shrinkable if they ever stretch out. Simply place them in a bowl of warm water.

The heat will cause the material in your Teleties to shrink back to its original size.

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