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What Temperature Do You Use on Your Hair?

Lindsey Nelson explains what temperature you should be using on your hair.

What temperature is your flat iron, or any iron for that matter, currently set to?

If you do not know, that's ok. I'll tell you.

If your hair is fine or thin, your iron should be at or around 375 and even lower around the face and sideburns.


The difference between fine, medium and coarse cuticles of hair

Because fine hair doesn't have as many layers of cuticle, it doesn't need as much heat.

If you use too much heat repeatedly, you will dry the hair out too much and cause it to become fragile.

If your hair is thick or coarse, then it can handle a higher iron temp, around 400 or so.

Thick hair has more layers of cuticles, so it could be harder to smooth out.

In both cases, using a heat protectant is very important to the health of your hair.

It also helps prevent your color from fading too.

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