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When Do I Come Back to the Salon?

Lindsey Nelson goes over when she would like her clients to return to her salon in Walker Louisiana

Let's talk maintenance.

I offer a variety of services that have different maintenance schedules.

Some questions that I ask my clients are:

  • What's your lifestyle?

  • How often do you want to be in my chair?

  • Do you want your hair to whisper or shout?!

Your service schedule would depend on your answers to those questions.

Haircuts: 4-6 weeks

Foil Highlights: 8-10 weeks

Grey Coverage: 4-6 weeks

Low-maintenance Highlights: 12+ weeks

Extensions: 6-8 weeks

Sometimes, I apply a toner or gloss while you're in the shampoo bowl as a finishing touch to your look.

Lindsey Nelson Hair Stylist

Your gloss maintenance is about 20 washes if you use quality shampoo and conditioner, which will also depend on how often you shampoo your hair.

Everybody's hair porosity is different, and their at-home care will be different too.

What you shampoo at home can affect the longevity of your hair color.

Also, the temperature of the water can affect your hair color as well.

Try to wash with cool water rather than super hot water.

Have we met?

Lindsey Nelson welcomes you to J.Lene Salon and Spa in Walker, Louisiana

My name is Lindsey Nelson, and I am a licensed Cosmetologist.

I have been in the hair industry for nearly 20 years, and I have a passion for educating my clients on the thing I know and love: hair!

I also have a blog for Cosmetologists

where we discuss all things beauty, and I help my readers grow their beauty businesses.

I work at J.Lene Salon & Spa located in Walker, Louisiana.

I am a wife and mom of 2, and I love coffee, Netflix documentaries, and True Crime!

Let's be friends!

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